Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Only In .......

I have had travelled a lot in the past 10 years if u ask. I travel at every opportunity - while I am studying abroad, while on outstation works, while on attending meeting and seminars, and of course on planned holidays with friends, family and colleagues.

I visited most part of the British Isles from the white cliff of Dover to Nairn in northern Scotland. Visited most parks and cities in England, Wales and Scotland, crossing many borders of countries in Europe. I have also climbed (partly walking and boarding trains) the Alps from Germany (thru Black Forest at Freiburg) and Switzerland (thru Lauterbrunnen). I also visited 2 smallest countries in the world - the Kingdom of Monaco famous for its casino royale and Vatican City where the head of the Catholic church lives.

During my visits I have tried out all forms of transports ranging from planes, ferry cruisers, coaches to boats. I have stayed in various forms of accomodation too - from 5 star hotels to bed and breakfast, at camp sites, at youth hostels and at a community halls.

Back home in Malaysia, I am proud that I have visited many places too. Visited all the States in Malaysia except for Kelantan, visited many National Parks including TamanNegara at Pahang, Bako and Lambir in Sarawak and almost all parks in Sabah. Been to Langkawi, Labuan and Banggi Islands. Haven't tried the ferry cruiser from east Malaysia to Peninsular though, but I travelled before by ferry from Labuan to Brunei, and that is one hell of a trip - too choppy!, probably one of those rough afternoon ride.

I visited most part of Sabah - all direction of the compass if you must know or let me put it simply - from ocean deep to the higheast mountain. On the latter I climbed Mt. Kinabalu twice, the first endeavour was successful as it was unplanned, while the second planned climbing trip was unsuccessful - dont ask why I didnt reach the summit!, but at least I climbed the Alps twice, that easily should stop one from asking me why. As part of my works involve a substatial amount of outdoor tasks I visited many places which I think many you Sabahans ever visited before. Here are a sample of those experiences - heli ride to the interior part of Ranau, trekking trips in Long Pasia, boat trips to many islands coast of Kudat and Pitas (with army and police personnel as these places are very near to the Philippines).

If you ask what are my highlights of all my travelling as of to date, there are many in facts! First and foremost, I love shoping especially postcards, souvenirs and t-shirts. Bangkok and Bali are cheaps, the rest of the places are expensive! Best beaches and riviera I easily point out my middle fingers to the Kudat Riviera in Sabah, of course the French Riviera and the Italian Riviera. Best city I would say Rome and London. Romantic city definitely goes to Paris. Dirty city would be Pattaya and Amsterdam - dont get me wrong dirty in the sense of sensuality of the city itself - that's what I mean! Friendly people are the Scots and the Spaniards. Beautiful girls are of those Germans and Thais. Lost in Paris!

Anyway, the purpose of this entry is in fact has nothing to do with what I have just written. My mind must have gone somewhere which remind me of the many places of interest I have the opportunity to visit during my journey around the world. Those pictures below symbolise the common features that one may encounter when visiting such country. Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Only in Australia

Only in Bangladesh

Only in China

Only in Hawaii

Only in India

Only in Indonesia

Only in Japan

Only in Pakistan


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wow....what the hell of that environment...if me la..susah sia mau hidup oh...

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